Whole Body Research HH550 Men’s Hair Formula Review

When I first started losing my hair, I thought I was stuck balding for the rest of my life. The only treatments I knew of involved surgery or chemicals. I never thought hair plugs looked natural and I don’t even like putting hair dye in my hair (let alone something like Rogaine), so I just accepted baldness as something I would have to live with. Of course, accepting my balding didn’t stop the bald-jokes my little brother made from hurting my ego.

I know that balding is genetic, so I took solace in knowing that eventually my little brother would have to watch his hairline recede soon enough. I waited in vain, though. As soon as I started balding, my brother started taking a bunch of herbs and kept his balding from ever starting.

I didn’t know this for years, but as soon as I found out about it I just had to look into the different herbs he had been taking. The main one was Biotin, which, after doing a little research, I’m actually surprised I had never heard of before. It stimulates cell growth and has been used for years as a natural way to strengthen hair and nails. He also took a daily folic acid to speed up cell division and saw palmetto powder in order to block the chemical that shrinks hair follicles.

I ended up finding a supplement by Whole Body Research named HH550 Men’s Hair Advanced Formula. I chose this because it contained all of those growth-stimulating items in one pill. It also had things like Organic Kelp Powder and Collagen that are also great for strengthening hair.

I figured if anything it would stop my balding and help me keep what hair I had left. I had no idea that it would actually stimulate new hair growth! I had to use my wife’s magnifying mirror in order to see it, but after just a few weeks I could see tiny dark hairs starting to grow—right in the middle of my bald spot! I thought those follicles were all dead and therefore a lost cause, but I guess they had just been waiting for the right nutrients to start growing again.

I thought maybe it was just me, and I was just seeing the hair there because I wanted it to be there. But when I went in for my last haircut, my hairdresser actually commented on the “shadow” I’ve started growing. She also said that the rest of my hair seems much stronger than it was the last time I was in for a cut – and that was only a month ago!

Bottom line, Whole Body Research HH550 Men’s Hair Advanced Formula is amazing for stimulating healthy hair growth. Even my brother (who was so sure his system was the best system) has made the switch. But don’t just take my word for it—I challenge any man to go over to www.WholeBodyResearch.com and try it for themselves.

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