Will Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics Improve Muscle Mass?

Fit-Older-ManI’m in pretty darn good shape for being an older guy, but after forty some years of working out I’d better be. I still run and lift weights a few times a week, and ride my bike on the weekends. I’m healthier than other men in their mid 50′s. I don’t really take supplements or do anything except eat right and exercise. My doctor even told me, after a stress test, that my heart is as healthy as it was 25 years ago.


Sure, I’m grateful to be so healthy, but I still, after years of trying, haven’t reached my goal.

I still haven’t been able to put on much muscle. 


I’ve wondered if maybe I’m just not built to be ripped. I’m about 6 foot tall and maybe 155 pounds. I’m tired of getting the same reaction when I say I’m going to the gym.

“Wow, really? You work out?”


Yes. I do. Thanks for noticing… When I look at myself in the mirror I still the 16 year old me smiling back, skinny and scrawny as ever. Of course I’ve filled out a little bit since high school, but my arms are still as thin as a pool stick. Even though I’m fit as a fiddle I still can’t hit a ball farther than 200 yards at the driving range. Lately I’ve been hitting the golf course with colleagues from work and, although they wouldn’t know it, I’m ashamed I can’t drive the ball as far as them.


I’ve got to gain more muscle. 


But the easiest option, anabolic steroids, is way out of the question. I’ve seen people ‘roid rage’ and it’s not pretty. Steroids played a role in the stroke that my friend suffered through too.


So my next option was supplements. I’m not the kind of guy to pump my body full of junk and hesitate even taking aspirin for joint pain. But, reviews of products that claim to be “natural” made some seem legitimate and most claimed no side effects. So I tried a few: NO explode and Force Factor. They gave me some short-lived ‘pump’ but nothing that stuck around. I knew it was just extra nitrous oxide and increased blood flow that was making me feel bigger.


I wanted permanent gains. 


Growth_fuel_mock for internetWhen I found Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s different from the other supplements I tried because it’s formulated to naturally regulate 5 key hormones, which already exist in your body, to enhance muscle growth.

The key ingredients are:


* testosterone – to boost overall ‘manliness’, as I say. This hormone is key for strength and gain.


* cortisol - the stress hormone. This is a bear of a hormone if left unregulated because it gives you that ‘tire’ that we all hate and can actually eat away at your muscles. If you want to gain muscle you have to keep your cortisol in check. Natubolic Growth Fuel does it via Rhodiola Rosea, which decreases cortisol levels and helps you recover faster.


* estrogen - believe it or not we men have estrogen too, and a lot of us have more than we’d like (resulting in man boobs). If you control how much your body produces you’ll see a loss in fat, a spike in energy, and more muscle.


* insulin - This is a major anabolic hormone and is responsible for muscle growth and recovery. Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics has Alpha Lipolic Acid in it that boosts your body’s sensitivity to insulin, resulting in muscle gain.


* growth hormone – there’s not any added hormone in the supplement, but the ingredient colostrum increases your body’s natural growth hormone. This means you’ll build lean muscle and burn more fat on your own.


I was impressed by these claims, but was it true?. I did research on pubMed, the National Institutes of Heatlh’s online clinical trial database. What I found was that MaxGenics had undergone extensive studies and was clinically proven to increase growth hormone and testosterone, decrease estrogen and cortisol, and increase insulin sensitivity. Results showed an increased in muscle mass, loss of body fat, and overall increase in strength.


Wait. So it’s proven to do what it says it does? I thought myself, now I’ve got to try this.


So did it work for me?


I’m sorry to say that I didn’t hit a 400 yard tee-shot or start showing off my guns overnight – but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


I’ve been using Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics for a little over a month and I’ve noticed gain, probably 6 pounds of muscle gain. For the past few years or so I felt I’d hit a plateau, but now my lifts are better at the gym. My wife seems to like the change. She keeps asking me which way to the gym, and I happily point her in the right direction (showing off my biceps, of course). And although I’m not hitting ball to 400 yards I am hitting it farther without much effort.


Should you try it?


I’d recommend it. I’m going to keep using it for me as long as it keeps working. As far as I can tell, the longer I use it the more my muscle mass I’ll gain and the stronger I’m going to feel. That’s pretty important to me. In my opinion, if you’re looking to gain lean muscle then this product is worth a try.


>> You can learn more about Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics here.<<








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